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Who we are

SkyTel is a licensed telecommunications service provider specialising in the use of satellites to connect people, places, and things to the internet. For over 10 years we have been supporting our clients to make confident decisions about their telecommunications investments.

We take a diagnostic approach to satellite telecommunications enriched by technology and an agnostic approach to satellite operators and orbits. Our Satellite Consultants put your needs at the centre of the solution.

We are a team of industry professionals whose unique lived experiences help us to come up with creative solutions to complex problems. Our combination of experience and wisdom with open-mindedness and tenacity make us the best team to help you with all your satellite communications needs.


SkyTel’s methodology and exclusive satellite operator relationships means our consultants are free to recommend the best technical solutions for our clients and their specific requirements

SkyTel is agnostic to orbit, frequency band, and satellite operator. Our mission is to offer the best technical solutions to your specific needs. SkyTel has agreements with the leading satellite operators, positioning us as a trusted provider in the industry.

With operations in Sydney, Perth, Port Moresby and Fiji, our team has local touch with a global reach.