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Minerals Show

*Left to Right: Amos Tepi, CEO, Telikom Ltd, Gideon Karali, Director, Telikom Ltd, Declan Jones, Senior Satellite Consultant, SkyTel, Kevin Howard, Corporate Sales Manager, Telikom Ltd, Joyce Tande, Key Account Manager, Telikom Ltd, Paul Morgan, Deputy Chairman, Telikom Ltd, Zoie Carroll, Director Strategic Partnerships, SkyTel, Kembol Kaikipae, Senior Business Development Manager, Austrade.

The 17th Papua New Guinea Resources and Energy Investment Conference & Exhibition (2023) was an insightful and engaging showcase of industry, gathering leaders and innovators from across the region. SkyTel was thrilled to participate at the event alongside our valued partners, Telikom PNG Limited.

We were lucky enough to have our Kymeta U8 on display to provide live demonstrations of our brand-new SkyNet – LEO Satellite Internet service. Our new SkyNet service demonstrates the use of innovative telecommunication solutions to meet the unique demands of the resource and energy sector.

By optimising mining operations and driving business growth through high-speed and reliable internet connectivity, SkyTel’s SkyNet – LEO service demonstrated the ability to empower local businesses with cutting edge technology.

SkyTel was able to engage with other industry peers and exchange valuable insights, deepening our understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the resource and energy sector in Papua New Guinea. These insights reaffirmed our commitment to tailor our solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of businesses across region.                 Through open discussions with potential customers, SkyTel and Telikom learnt about difficulties faced with traditional connectivity infrastructure in remote regions. It was made clear that the need for fast and reliable internet connectivity into remote regions of PNG was at the forefront of everyone’s minds, and SkyTel and Telikom are very excited to be fulfilling this need together.