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Skytel Installation Mounts & Accessories

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SkyTel offers a range of robust satellite mounting solutions designed for durability and stability in harsh weather conditions.



In-Ground Pole (High wind rated)
Metal Roof Mount
Non-Penetrating Mount
Wall Mount
Antenna Lightening Protection & Grounding Kit


The durable and high wind rated Av-Comm In-Ground Pole Mount for 1.2m Satellite Dishes is made from hot dipped galvanised steel pipe and has welded torsion flanges to prevent twisting under high wind loads, making this the perfect solution for harsh weather conditions.

The 2-Way tin tripod mount is an extra heavy duty satellite mount with a 1.2m x 76mm mast. It has been designed for use with 90cm and 1.2m satellite dishes and timber framed, metal clad roofs. It is suitable for installations in wind classifications up to W60 (AS 4055 Wind Classification N5/C3).

Our Non-Penetrating Mount (NPM) with 73mm (2.8″ OD) Mounting Pole is designed to provide a rigid and stable mount for ground and roof-top site installations.  The Baird B4-6×6 Non-Penetrating Mount (NPM) with 73mm (2.88″ OD) Mounting Pole is commonly used with 1.2m satellite antennas, microwave antennas, wireless antennas, and other applications.

SkyTel’s Wall Mount is a custom designed mount to fit our customers needs. Engineered and designed in Australia with harsh conditions in mind. Don’t settle for a flimsy, unstable wall mount that puts your equipment and operations at risk.  Complete your project with confidence. If you need a recommendation for your specific application, contact us today to speak with our team.

Ensuring your product is kept safe in all conditions, SkyTels Antenna Lightening Protection and Grounding Kit includes state-of-the-art lightning protection, but it’s about much more than preventing unusual lightning strike surges. Our system provides, Electrical overload protection and Voltage stabilization.

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