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Satellite Communications to the Rescue in PNG

PNG internet service providers are leveraging SkyTel’s rapid-deploy solutions to secure the country’s internet connectivity during a period of uncertainty as undersea cables are rebuilt after natural disasters cut essential connectivity.

SkyTel has established a link between Australia and Port Moresby using C-Band satellite spectrum and geostationary satellite capacity provided by Intelsat to buttress PNG’s connectivity while maintenance is performed on the damaged Coral Sea Cable System (CS2). SkyTel’s robust and resilient solution has an operational and environmental advantage of maintaining and ensuring connectivity through inclement weather without degradation while the fibre optic undersea cable system is taken offline for repair. 

Recent events have demonstrated fibre’s vulnerability to natural disasters in the Pacific. The Tonga-Ha’apai volcano eruption and tsunami and the periodic earthquakes in PNG as a symptom of its position in the Ring of Fire, highlights the risk of relying on a single technology solution for internet connectivity.

SkyTel’s Senior Satellite Consultant Evan Kirk said, “SkyTel continues to dispel the myth that satellite services have become redundant as we are called on time and time again to bolster and reconnect communities that have been affected by natural disasters. Time and time again, satellite services are relied on to restore essential services.”

“Our objective is to promote the essential role of satellite communications services as part of any telecommunications infrastructure network to ensure the strength and reliability of services for the communities they connect,” he added.

SkyTel is committed to working with our Pacific neighbours and delivering modern, resilient satcoms solutions when these events occur, a demonstration of the important relationships that Australian businesses maintain with our Pacific neighbours.