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Skytel 1.2m Ku Band VSAT Satellite Equipment Kit

This kit contains everything needed to activate our SkyGEO offering. With purpose-built dishes and satcom hardware, SkyTel can ensure that this kit contains the essential ingredients for high speed and uncomplicated satellite internet.


  • 1.2m Satellite Dish
  • 6w BUC
  • Ku-Band LNB
  • iDirect IQ Desktop+ Satellite Modem
  • Coax Cable Kit (25m)



With the use of high-quality materials, our 1.2m dish provides clear coverage no matter your location. This kit also comes with 25 meters of coaxial cable, allowing you the flexibility to place your dish in the optimal position around your property.

The iQ Desktop+ features dual Gigabit Ethernet VLAN-aware networking ports and a very small form factor ideal for prosumer, broadband access, and small enterprise site networks supporting a large range of fixed and mobile applications including Internet/Intranet access, SCADA, Voiceover-IP (VoIP), video streaming, and multicasting. The iQ Desktop+ can reach throughputs up to 200 Mbps when being used in L2oS mode and is compatible with a variety of ODU configurations. The modem’s high performance modulation techniques enable network operators to offer various bandwidth intensive services in a cost-effective way. Packaged in a professional grade metal enclosure, this modem can operate at an extended temperature range up to 50 degrees Celsius.

With dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, compact design, and support for diverse applications like VoIP and video streaming, the iQ Desktop+ is perfect for prosumers and small enterprises. Achieve speeds up to 200 Mbps and enjoy cost-effective bandwidth services, all in a durable metal enclosure. Upgrade to the iQ Desktop+ for seamless connectivity and top-notch performance.

Av-Comm’s WiFi VPN Router will allow you to connect your local-area network (LAN) to your favorite VPN service or set up a site-to-site VPN. This VPN router will allow for you to connect several devices at any given time all while protecting them with a secure encrypted connection. Once you have installed your VPN router and connected to it, there is no need to keep signing in as you will be able to connect automatically once you have entered your login credentials for the first time.

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